Reverse Psychology XIV

Power of Reactance to word NO / DON'T ... continue reading

Reverse Psychology XII

Being Concrete to present powerful ideas and sell them easily ... continue reading

Reverse Psychology X

Consciously plant in subconscious and results change ... continue reading

Reverse Psychology VII

"Convincing people of incidents that never actually happened" ... continue reading

Change your thought and face any challenge

At no stage in life you can say now life cannot surprise me ... continue reading

You Are Beautiful

I saw this image shared by a friend and it just squeezed me from inside, it said so much of said and unsaid. ... continue reading

His care is her wish

What a woman seeks in her partner ... continue reading

Tell a story or else it dies..

Few posts of my dear friend Anju on her super fitness regime and post workout super healthy option of breakfast made me think… continue reading

Power Of Habits - The Atomic Habits Way

Oh, I could not have put my lockdown time to better use! ... continue reading


Just watched a marathi movie “Pravas" ... continue reading

Power Of Appreciation

And there we were in ... continue reading

Customer Satisfaction - Makes or Breaks your brand

Meet Ravi...for me...someone who gave me unforgettable customer care experience ... continue reading

Poor men?...Yes, sometimes

I had an outdoor training in one of the Lonavala ... continue reading

Breaking the glass wall

The bell rang..on the other side it was HR head ... continue reading

Indian Roots

Radhika insisted for lunch post Pooja ... continue reading

My Relationship with pain

How are you ma? Question from my daughter ... continue reading

Find Durga Within-workshop for women

DURGA ... continue reading

Facilitation tool-AI used for Vision Setting-2015

Facilitation tool-AI used for Vision Setting-2015. ... continue reading

Facilitating 90 odd Students

MMS students-No: 90. MY Facilitation Experience ... continue reading

The Silent Participant

In recent years we see many companies promoting open culture and freedom for their workforce to express. ... continue reading

Magical Journey of Facilitation

All group heads, General Managers and Directors sitting in one room for a workshop which would lead them to "Vision 2020". ... continue reading

Importance of "Connect" in Behavioral Training

I am a soft skills trainer and my style of training is experiential. It is a process where participants learn by doing and experiencing. ... continue reading

When The Trainer Learns...

I got down from the train and saw a lady smiling at me. Though the face looked familiar, I just could not recollect where I have met her before. ... continue reading

Indian Roots of Facilitation

Just came across the story of "Vikram vetal" retold by "Dr Devdutta Patnaik". We all have heard this story and till today serials based on this are being made, and Indian audience always enjoys ... continue reading

40's today's new 20's

40s is the new 20s ... continue reading

Life is a journey

From a very tiny age my daughter started dancing to any music, as soon as we used to start the music player she used to get down on the floor- ... continue reading

Missing Cupid

Last Sunday it was pouring heavily and we all were exited to go out and enjoy heavy showers. ... continue reading

Rude Teenagers?

Few days back I just met a friend as she called me for a cup of coffee.. I am generally very tempted as such invitations only mean a long heart to heart chat between two friends. ... continue reading

Stressed Parents-Stressed Child

During my training sessions I generally have an open discussion with students first, about the different areas where they experience stress ... continue reading

Helicopter Parents

Early morning when I go for a morning walk I enjoy watching things around; its much better than starting a day in Gym on Treadmill. ... continue reading

Indulgent Parents

When I was a college girl I used to hurry everyday to catch that 8.10am train and everyday somehow see Mrs. Sheela with her two kids waiting at the bus stop. ... continue reading

Lack of forgiveness

During one of my sessions one boy revealed his story - ... continue reading

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Mrs Rao is known to me for many years now. When I was child I used to go to their house for all the pujas they used to celebrate in their house. ... continue reading

Best Gift for Your Kids

The other day I got a call from my friend , she was inviting me for her son's birthday party who was going to turn 3 years ... continue reading

Men are from mars women are from venus

Sunita (name changed) is known to me for years now, I saw her first when she was in 10th std, I still can't forget her cute face, long hair that she had left open and that appealing smile she carried on her face. ... continue reading

Let Go

I parked my scooter and was unloading two heavy bags full of fruits and vegetables; I was about to lift them and my 21 year old son Rugved entered the building gate. ... continue reading